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Profile drawing of planetary scientist Dr. Christian J. Renggli

Dr. Christian J. Renggli

I am a researcher at the Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, WWU). My main research interest lies in the application of experimental methods to understand high-temperature gas-solid reactions on Earth and other terrestrial planetary bodies. I investigate the reaction of S-bearing gases with melts, glasses and rocks. This experimental work addresses fundamental questions of how chemical elements are mobilized and deposited in ore forming magmatic systems and in explosive volcanic eruptions, but also, how surfaces of other S-rich planetary bodies such as Mercury are modified. Furthermore, I conduct experiments to investigate the transport of metals in gases, and how volatile elements (H, S, Cl, F and C) control the volatility and degassing behavior from silicate melts and deposition of trace metals as the gas cools and decompresses. In collaboration with colleagues in Münster we aim to quantify the effect of these processes on the fractionation of stable isotopes to interpret isotopic signatures in terrestrial and planetary materials.

​Find me on Twitter: @crenggli

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